House rules in the trefpunt de Elleboog

These house rules are drawn up to ensure that the trefpunt remains attractive for everyone. If you have questions, comments or complaints about the use, you can contact the guest team or board of the foundation de Elleboog.


Trefpunt de Elleboog is only accessible to visitors and participants in the activities and for the employees serving the foundation de Elleboog.

Use of the space

  • The rented space must be left clean and the tables and chairs must be placed back in their original arrangement.
  • Users may not bring food or their own coffee, tea or other thanks into the rented space.
  • The last tenant of the ensures that the windows are closed upon departure.


Consumptions can be purchased against payment at the bar. The consumptions must be consumed in the trefpunt.

General rules

  • Smoking is not allowed
  • The lighting of candles and / or other forms is not allowed.


The foundation de Elleboog does not accept liability for damage or lost and / or stolen property of the users, visitors and employees, which is related to the use. Caused damage to the building or inventory must be reported immediately to the guest team or the board of the foundation de Elleboog

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